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Sclerosis medicine can fight multi-resistant bacteria

R&Dworldpharmanews2017-11-23 09:20Read   1

Encountering bacteria with innocent names such as Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Enterobacteriaceae can lead to hospitalisation and - in a worst-case scenario - can also be life-threatening. The bacteria, which cause infections such as pneumonia, frequently develop multi-resistance towards classic antibiotics. Researchers from Aarhus University have discovered that a drug known as glatiramer acetate, which is normally used for treating the disease multiple sclerosis, has a hitherto unknown effect on obstinate bacteria.

Amsterdam picked to host the European Medicines Agency

Regulatorpmlive2017-11-23 09:12Read   0

But regulator faces a “challenging” relocation project to depart from London

Encouraging oxygen's assault on iron may offer new way to kill lung cancer cells

TrendNYU Langone Health2017-11-23 09:12Read   0

Blocking the action of a key protein frees oxygen to damage iron-dependent proteins in lung and breast cancer cells, slowing their growth and making them easier to kill.

Smoggy Air May Spawn Weaker Sperm

HealthHealtyDay2017-11-23 08:50Read   0

Men who have trouble conceiving may have the air they breathe to blame, a new study by Chinese researchers suggests.

Risk for aging-related diseases elevated among thyroid cancer survivors

TrendAACR2017-11-23 08:37Read   0

Risk for aging-related diseases such as heart disease and diabetes was significantly higher among thyroid cancer survivors in Utah than it was among age-matched, cancer-free individuals, with those diagnosed before age 40 having the highest risk for some of the diseases.

Why This Maryland Biotech Could Double Its Stock by 2018

TrendBiospace2017-11-21 10:14Read   0

Novavax has had a year where its stock had grown 20 percent and roller-coastered down 20 percent, several times. Keith Speights, writing for The Motley Fool, argues that the company’s stock has a good chance of doubling by the end of next year. Let’s look.

Shaming Overweight Kids Only Makes Things Worse

HealthDrugs2017-11-21 10:12Read   0

Overweight kids who are shamed or stigmatized are more likely to binge eat or isolate themselves than to make positive changes such as losing weight, a leading pediatricians' group says.

Amsterdam picked to host the European Medicines Agency

RegulatorEMA2017-11-21 10:09Read   2

EMA will move to the Netherlands city when the UK leaves the EU

Patients, advocates, doctors and nurses must work together to meet the underserved needs of metastatic breast cancer patients

Trendecancer2017-11-21 10:07Read   1

Metastatic breast cancer (mBC) remains one of the leading causes of female cancer deaths, but many women fighting this disease are left feeling isolated, as existing support services focus primarily on early-stage breast cancer.1 Patient Association Groups (PAGs) offer an important service to patients, but the greatest opportunity lies in multi-disciplinary care.1 By working together across a range of skill sets, multi-disciplinary teams can meet mBC patients’ varied physical and emotional needs.1

Wider sampling of tumour tissues may guide drug choice, improve outcomes

R&DUniversity of Chicago2017-11-20 09:03Read   2

A new study focused on describing genetic variations within a primary tumour, differences between the primary and a metastatic branch of that tumour, and additional diversity found in tumour DNA in the blood stream could help physicians make better treatment choices for patients with gastric and oesophageal adenocarcinoma.

Targeting cancer without destroying healthy T-cells

TrendCardiff University2017-11-20 09:01Read   1

A unique approach to targeting the abnormal T-cells that cause T-cell lymphomas could offer hope to patients with the aggressive and difficult-to-treat family of cancers, finds a study involving researchers from Cardiff University.

Diphenoxylate Hydrochloride and Atropine Sulfate Tablets by Greenstone: Recall - Possible Sub Potent and Super Potent Tablets

RegulatorFDA2017-11-20 08:51Read   2

Greenstone Issues Voluntary Nationwide Recall of Diphenoxylate Hydrochloride and Atropine Sulfate Tablets, USP Due to Possible Sub Potent and Super Potent Tablets

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